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A collection hand designed to capture the feeling of a march and the bold energy of women.

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Inspired by designers like vivienne Westwood, Cat’s focus is designing sustainable pieces that Empower People to wear your beliefs and use fashion as a vessel for a message of inclusivity, equality, and Activism. There is a social power and political impact in fashion To act as a tool to rally change. Her message is to be seen in grocery stores, boardrooms, school halls, Malls, and Across the united states normalizing wearing your values, loud and proud.

As a woman-owned company, we believe in advocating for social justice & representative government and fostering the Voices of our future leaders, especially when it comes to the opportunity, safety, and health of women and girls. Cat remembers a time of our country when a woman could not own a credit card on her own, and cannot imagine a society without the strong & independent women that define us.

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Care For Your Tote Vote Bags

To clean your bag, use a damp and slightly soapy cloth to remove any tough stains or dirt.

Surface wipe only. Clean gently by hand with mild soapy damp cloth.

Made With

The fabric is printed, cut by hand and then sewn together by our talented seamstresses. This method ensures each of our handbags is unique and custom made. Your bag is finished off with a sturdy base. The studs protect the base of your bag from getting damaged when placed on different surfaces. Waterproof lining, internal pockets and long handles made from stunning Napa leather are the perfect final additions

How To Clean Napa Leather

Cleaning Napa leather is no different from cleaning other leather. Leather is delicate to clean and you should be aware of the dos and don't’s. Before you clean the whole leather bag it is important to do a spot test first. Generally, test on a small area to ensure the leather cleaner you are applying will not damage the leather. After testing that it is safe, you can clean the rest of the leather.

Clean the leather with a slightly dampened lint-free cloth. Be careful about how damp the cloth is. If it is too wet you might stain the leather. If it is too dry then it won't remove the dirt, dust, or grime at all. Although you this is likely to happen if the leather is dyed with a water-soluble colorant. Rub it gently across the surface and take it easy. Some of the moisture might air-dry from the surface however you should wipe it dry to be safe.

If the dirt, grime, or stain is difficult to clean with just water, you may use a leather cleaner. You can check for cleaners and soaps that are meant to clean leather such as Napa.

How To Condition Napa Leather

You should condition all your leather, including Napa leather. Conditioning napa leather is no different from condition other leather types. However, it is important to frequently condition unfinished Napa leather. This is because it has leather fibers that dry out more quickly than other types of leather.

Typically, we use leather conditioners to conditioner our leather. These leather conditioners are usually either wax, oil. or cream. You apply them onto the surface and let the leather absorb. This will nourish and revitalize the fibers that make up the leather. The result would be a more soft and flexible leather. It also protects the leather from scratches.

Before you condition, you must always clean your leather first. Then you can apply the conditioner by using a soft, lint0free cloth. You apply the conditioners in small portions. Gently apply it in small circles. Leave the conditioner on the leather for a while to allow the leather to absorb. You should also wipe off the excess.

After conditioning your Napa leather, you have the option to apply a protective finish. This extra layer will protect your leather a bit more from water and scratches. It does however hide some of the desired looks and feels that the natural leather offers. Protective finishes are usually natural or synthetic waxes/acrylic. This is reserved as an option because usually, napa leather looks best without a finish.

About Canvas Vote Waist Bag

Tote the Vote Hip Pack for hands free "Carrying the Message and essentials100% polyesterFabric weight: 9.56 oz/yd² (325 g/m²), weight may vary by 5%Water-resistant materialDimensions: 6.5″ (16 cm) in height, 13″ (33 cm) in width, and 2¾″ (7 cm) in diameterTop zipper with 2 slidersSmallinner pocketDesign printed on the inside pocketSilky lining and piped inside hems1¼″ (2.54 cm) wide adjustable straps with plastic strap regulators